Hot or cold: how to choose makeup?

If you do not delve into the terminology, cosmetics make-up can not be all-weather, summer heat imposes its taboos and restrictions.Believe me, there's nothing more awkward than a winter make-up in the sun and in summer plumage.There are many tips on how to choose the right makeup in the color of eyes or hair, but somehow a little talk about the time of year and the air temperature.

If you start with the invisible and prosaic things as a base cream under make-up, here and there are notable differences.For any time of year you want to base a protective effect, but other than ultraviolet winter makeup base must protect against the cold, and more.Depending on the severity of the climate, this cream is able to prevent hypothermia of the skin on the face.Tone Cream is also classified according to the time of year: to choose makeup in the complex, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which this beauty will have to wear for yourself.In the hot summer makeup should not be abused, which onl

y creates a certain discomfort.

How to choose the right make-up for winter?Here it is necessary to consider not only the cold on the streets, but also over-dried air from heaters.We'll have to combine protective properties, it is not every professional under force.But quite naturally looks pretty thick make-up combined with furs, wool items of clothing, scarves and shawls different.

How to choose the right makeup for the summer?It is clear that for half an hour on public transport will make you "float", so preference is given to light translucency.If possible, it is better to abandon the tonal resources, and to find a moisturizing base cream with UV-filters and ultra-light texture.Instead of oily lipstick is better to take a light lip gloss, and avoid overloading the lashes mascara.

However, there is another nuance that makes it possible to develop the theme selection of cosmetics, and it is our workload, which often is excessive.How to choose the right makeup, which may be after the end of the working day quickly turned into an evening?Casual makeup is usually characterized by a high degree of usability, and to convert it into a festive parade and even requires only a few components.First of all you need to refresh the face - it is quite a cloud of mist spray.This procedure helps to get rid of the feeling that I want to wash my face, but can not afford it.Wet the face should be wet cloth, without rubbing, and on top of daily makeup to add a little luster to the fluid in the cheekbones, to make more expressive shadow on the eyelids, mascara brush up on the tips of eyelashes and lip gloss change on a lipstick juicy shades.

How to choose the right make-up depending on the light?The fact is that, if painted by electric light, then go out to the sun is not out, make-up would be too bright and even rude.Allocated under floodlights cosmetics it will be good in the room.But if painted by the window overlooking the sunny side, the effect will be the opposite.On the street you can go beautiful, but the room seems palely and face expressionless.From the selection of makeup depends quite a lot, sometimes you can spoil everything just badly painted lips - face seem vulgar and some "heavy."The exception is, perhaps, only a night club.In the shadows of the exquisite summer day make-up face turn pale featureless oval, thick but "vulgar" make-up seem quite normal.In short, pick Makeup not only colors and shades.Very important parameters such as structure, properties, density application.And if with brightly painted face uncomfortable and you feel uncomfortable, then maybe it's not a whim, but really should not be so torturing yourself.