On the secrets of how to make the eyes bigger

Do you want your eyes were large and expressive?No problem!Even if your eyes are not exactly large, use the tips below stylists and learn how to make your eyes more.

In fact, the whole thing boils down just to practice.But do not worry, even if you do not know how.Few potreniruetes - and things will work out as it should.So, here are seven ways that will make your eyes beautiful and large:

1. Use white eyeshadow

Do not think that you need to spread them on the entire eyelid.No!Use shade or white pencil to highlight the inner corner of the eye.Visually it will make brighter and whites of the eyes slightly open eyes.White pencil can be applied to the mucous membrane of eyes.But this option is not suitable girls with a round shape of the eye.

2. A bit of eyelashes

first secret of how to make the eyes bigger: before going to paint eyelashes mascara, be sure to tighten up their special tweezers.Eyelashes, curved up, open their eyes and make it more open, and it is visually enhances them.To enh

ance the effect, you can use false eyelashes.Just do not buy too long, they will hide the small eyes.Prefer shorter lashes, but which are bent upwards.

second secret: do not need too much ink to paint lower lashes.It only reduces your eyes, making them look like slits.And you're not striving for this effect?Instead of the usual mascara is best to use eyeliner.It is necessary to impose on the lower lash line growth, slightly retreating from them.

3. Highlight the brow

thick eyebrows and wide now in vogue.But do not forget that this option only closes his eyes and look heavier.So if you want to have thick eyebrows, make sure that they are always in perfect condition.

little secret: the angle of the eyebrows lift slightly upwards and the tip away; to take off.Looking from this will be a little surprised and more open.

4. Pay attention to the folds

If you like, but do not know how to make your eyes more pay special attention to the imposition on the eyelid shadows.In this case, a very large role played by the fold of the century.It is as if the eye divides into two parts: for medium intensity of shadows and the darkest.

not know how to make your eyes more?Just spend a little dark shadows above the crease.Visually, it would seem that this space is larger and thus the eye more.

5. Draw arrows

Liner - the best assistant for the girls who want to make your eyes more.To do this, there are a lot of different ways, but in order to understand exactly what suits you, have to experiment.After all, a form of the eyes and faces of all kinds, so no trial runs are not necessary.


- eyeliner better not take a black and brown, blue or green;

- do not need to completely trace the eye.Leave nepodvedennym lower eyelid, or move only the outer corners.You can slightly lift up the tip of the line;

- arrow should be fine at the inner corner and becomes wider as you move to the outside.

6. The effect of color

How to make a visual eye more?To create the effect of big eyes, you need at least 2-3 shades of shadows.With monochrome make-up nothing.

to experiment with colors, but remember that in the inner corner should always be the lightest shades in the outer - the darkest.The average saturation can be put to use all over the eyelid or eyelashes.Also, do not forget that under the eyebrow should be bright glare.

7. Focus on lips

And this is no joke!Can lipstick bright lipstick or gloss expressive, and his eyes were left completely untouched.The emphasis on the lips by itself will make your eyes are incredibly expressive.

Sometimes girls are interested in how to make your eyes more without makeup.We'll have to disappoint, but without plastic surgery in this case is simply not enough.