What is a "permanent makeup eye"?

Eye Tattoo, reviews of which can be found on the Internet - a kind of permanent make-up performed on the lower or upper eyelid.There are several types of it: it can be flirty "arrow" in the corners of the eyes, imitation liner at the base of the eyelashes on the upper or lower eyelids, or the subtlest mezhresnichnaya line.

Mezhresnichny tattoo Eye is the most easy by its variety: time for its execution leaves the least.The eyelids are colored in this procedure in the area of ​​the lash, that after the tattoo seem much thicker.This kind of permanent make-up fits all, without exception.He looks the most natural, so it can be recommended to both young and mature women.Eyes with mezhresnichnym tattoo look more expressive, but the feeling that they are touched up, does not arise.Sometimes it may not be performed by a solid line, and the individual points.

very popular permanent tattoo eye liner is in the form - it is a long time to eliminate the need to "draw" a line in the upper or lower eyelid.Especia

lly like the girls who lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time in the gym or the pool, making a tattoo eye on the reviews that talk about its durability, you can not worry about their appearance.Eyeliner makes your eyes brighter and more expressive, in addition, allows you to adjust some of their form.To do this, apply the so-called "feather".This type of tattoo involves stretching the color on the outside line of eyeliner.Thus creating the effect on the eyelid using makeup shades.Unlike clearly incised, often aggressive "shooter", a tattoo eye (ratings prove it) is more delicate and romantic.

Regarding the choice of colors for the eyeliner and "arrows", it should be understood: the black color, which selects the most - the most resistant.In most cases only a few lighter, but almost never faded completely.On the one hand, this property is seemingly an advantage.However, not all so simple.Over time, eyelid droop, their shape changes.As a consequence - a form of "arrows" can be distorted, "swim", damaging the eye tattoo.Reviews available on various websites, saying that such cases - are not uncommon.

In addition, it is possible that eyeliner or "arrows" can you get bored with banal or just go out of fashion - and get rid of them is not so easy!So it makes sense, especially blondes, opt for other colors tattoo century - such as gray, green or blue, the color of the eyes.Most can be regarded as unsuccessful choice of brown pigment.This tattoo eye (reviews say about it) loses its color most rapidly, acquiring a reddish hue.As a result, a brown eyeliner require more frequent adjustment.

tattoo eye procedure is performed with local anesthesia.This is usually used EMLA cream on the basis of lidocaine.The effect of its application lasts about four hours - that time is enough.Within a few days after the procedure the eyelids are swollen.In some cases, it can develop the so-called post-traumatic conjunctivitis.Especially great chance to get this complication if you do tattoo at the age of unskilled craftsmen working at home.To avoid possible adverse effects of this procedure should only apply to high-level professionals who work on modern equipment.Only a true professional can conduct eye tattoo is not only safe, but also qualitatively in advance to discuss with you the shape and color of the "shooter" or liner, and made recommendations on this issue.