Shampoo "Friderm Zinc" dandruff.

Beautiful and healthy hair requires proper care, otherwise such a luxury can be easy to lose.Proper nutrition, a daily meticulous care to choose the right protection and treatment in case of need - that's the key conservation curls.And if the question is easy to solve the supply, quality and luxury of hair cosmetics market offers for every taste, then choose a tool that can truly be called curative, very difficult.Especially that hair treatments are often necessary because the disease is often the hair and scalp is perceived only as a cosmetic defect.In particular, dandruff, according to advertising, can be eliminated in a few applications.However, you must understand the difference between the treatment and elimination of visible.Commercials tend to offer the latter.As a result of dandruff arises again.Funds from dandruff is a drug like any drug available over the counter.One such tool - shampoo "Friderm Zinc".It includes perition zinc, which has a salutary effect for the scalp affected by fungi and b

acteria.The fact that the cause of dandruff - microorganisms that today no doubt.

Shampoo "Friderm Zinc" Portuguese production company "Schering-Plough" sold exclusively in pharmacies as a medicine.This fact means that it cures reasons and does not mask the symptoms.It not only removes dry dandruff and seborrhea, but also eliminates the allergy manifests as itching scalp irritation, not being himself while an irritant for sensitive skin.In addition, the shampoo "Friderm Zinc" can be used as a therapeutic agent for other, more serious diseases: atopic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor and also used as a component of complex procedures against hair thinning.

shampoo comes in bottles of 150 ml, it has a creamy white.

Being a drug, not a cosmetic, "Friderm" containing zinc is used twice a week as follows: Shake the shampoo, apply a small amount of it to wet hair, beat until thick foam, rinse thoroughly.Then shampoo is applied a second time, and whipped into a foam and left for 5 minutes.Then, it should be washed off.Such treatment is 2 weeks.At the end of the allotted time Shampoo "Friderm Zinc" should be applied once a week for two months.In case of need to repeat the treatment.

shampoo composition is natural, it does not include artificial dyes and preservatives.

Before applying are encouraged to get acquainted with the detailed description of ingredients, asmay cause allergic reactions.

use shampoo "Friderm Zinc" received positive reviews: respondents noted a decrease in symptoms of dandruff and seborrhea, significantly reduced the itching of the scalp.It is also noted that "Friderm" zinc foams well and is suitable for children.Often shampoo is recommended for use by professional Trichology.

recommended to use shampoo for 4 years from the date of issue.After that date the vehicle loses medical properties.Store at temperatures up to 30 degrees and not allow unimpeded access of children.

After completing the course of treatment is recommended to continue the use of special mild shampoo in order to secure the effect."Friderm Balance" from the eponymous series is an excellent tool as it supports a neutral balance of the scalp, allowing you to maintain a healthy skin and prevents the reappearance of dandruff and seborrhea.