Cosmetics "Vichy".

Cosmetics Vichy - this is professional products, which are designed for direct activation of regenerative processes of the skin.This series of cosmetics and all its facilities are not ordinary caring for the face and body, their mission is not to cover up the shortcomings and the gradual multistage careful care, the reward for that will be truly healthy and glowing skin.Cosmetics "Vichy" - reviews confirmation, few people are indifferent.What's interesting about her opinion there are completely opposite, how can we explain such a response?

First of all, it should be noted that the manufacturer of cosmetics designed specifically for sensitive and problematic skin.Like any other cosmetics, "Vichy" is divided into funds for intensive hydration and rehydration for excessively dry and youthful skin.That is, all the series cosmetics in accordance with the types of skin are divided into groups.Cosmetics "Vichy" - reviews show is very popular and for good reason.Caring agents used in combination, operate in s

uch a manner that eventually completely solve the problem without masking them and eliminated.The basis of many cosmetic products is thermal water from natural springs of Vichy, which once again confirms that the products of this brand are really useful.

cosmetics "Vichy" - comments for which there are also negative, it is baseless.Starting with the fact that the brand is sold exclusively in the pharmacy network and the proper remedy is, as is well known, in the healing process sometimes deteriorates, so-called crisis.Thus, knowing that eliminate the shine of the skin it is impossible for one day and some women say that at the beginning of the use of a noticeable improvement, then a few days later, began an allergic reaction, itching, and they stopped using the selected tool.However, this solution is not always justified, since the beginning of the skin is due to the deterioration of the breeding sebaceous secretion from the deep layers of the epidermis in the sebaceous glands.

Reviews of cosmetics "Vichy" describe similar cases - those who do not cease to use cosmetics, do state that after a week of further use has been observed improvement and normalization process.In addition, it could also serve as wrong selection of equipment in accordance with the type of skin, and lack of proper pre-cleansing, which can cause significant reduction in the effectiveness of the cream, as its misuse.Obviously the best, given the fact that the skin is still a problem - contact an experienced beautician, in extreme cases, you can rely on the advice of the pharmacist, who will be able to assess the condition of the skin and pick up a set correctly.

It is worth noting that the cream "Vichy" - feedback is mostly positive, for the most part, using this tool it is a real salvation.And, of course, more efficient use of the entire complex, in that case, improvement occurs much faster.Cream of "Vichy" is pleasant and light texture, instantly absorbed without causing a feeling of "stickiness."Ideal for anti-aging treatment - the first results are observed after only ten days.

myth that cosmetics "Vichy" - reviews and such occur - hormonal, you can easily dispel.The presence in the cosmetics brand, in principle, as in any other anti-aging line of phytoestrogens (plant hormones) - for the uninitiated and jarring.Phytohormones have nothing to do with hormones, hormonal changes, have no restrictions on use.These are products of extraction of hops, soybean, cereals, legumes and red grapes, mild effect on the receptors of cells of the body, bringing visible benefits human skin.