Cream for hair removal 'Veet' - advertising tricks and the truth of life

Modern fashionable ladies can not imagine my life without hair removal, especially in the middle of the bathing season.I must say that today the ways to get rid of unwanted hair there are so many, ranging from razor blades of special design and finishing photoepilation.Incidentally, the latter allows you to get rid of hair once and for all after the first procedure.However, the cost of this pleasure is quite high, so many women prefer alternative solutions.One of them - the cream for depilation.Let's try to consider all the pros and cons of this method is not based on hype, and consumer reviews.
As an example, take the famous and popular product - cream for hair removal "Veet" (Country of Origin - France).

recall what manufacturers promise us the cream?

1. "cream" Veet "skin remains smooth for twice as long. Than after using a razor."

Unfortunately, this is just empty words, since this tool does not remove hairs from the root, and thus they will grow in the same way as after shaving.This cream for h

air removal "Veet" is little different from the usual machine.
fairness, I note that in my life I have met only one cream for hair removal which removes the hair at the root.Releases this miracle product company "Lancome" and was a quarter century ago.Cream long been removed from production because it contains hazardous components.More than any cream for depilation with a similar effect I have not met.It is possible that it is a fantastic result was achieved due to these harmful ingredients.

2. "depilatory cream" Veet "- is a rapid means. It can help you get rid of the hair on the skin in a few minutes."

This promise does not lie, rather - a half-truth.Cream for hair removal "Veet" is faster than many of its counterparts, but specified by the rate of removal of hair, he does not hold.On average, the procedure takes ten minutes to the declaration of three to five.

new cream for hair removal "Veet" has caused the most negative reviews because it was intended to carry out the procedure in the shower.As you know, note the time in these conditions, there is simply no chance.So, needless to say, the cream should act almost immediately, after a maximum of two or three minutes.However, the expectations of customers the product is not justified.One consolation - you can use the old fashioned way, leaving the cream on the skin for a longer period.

should be noted that customers in line "Veet" also attracts and diversity of products.Believing advertising, ladies hurry to overpay for novelty - a spray that supposedly much easier to apply than cream.It should be noted that there is no significant difference between the two products is not.So what makes sense to pay the extra money for an upgraded package?

And to top it off, I would say the error themselves buyers.

To date, the sale is a cream for hair removal "Veet" for different skin types, including sensitive for.But this abundance, and misleading simple consumer.Most of the ladies mistakenly believe that allergy and irritation of the skin is essentially the same thing, so buy cream for sensitive skin of "Veet", in the hope that much of it some side effects will be.In some cases, indeed, it is the case.But often an allergic reaction still makes itself felt.And then the ladies firmly believe that the cause is the cream for hair removal "Veet", instead of their own negligence.To sort happened to you, do not be lazy to conduct a preliminary test on a small area of ​​skin closed.It did not cause an allergic reaction components specific lotions, and sulfur, which is the basis for most of these agents.
Of course, if the skin is already available irritation, scratches or abrasions, depilatory cream "Veet", as well as other similar products, it is better not to use.
The instructions to the cream is also said that it is unacceptable to use Musa, gels and creams "Veet" for hair removal on the face, breasts or in the groin area.The skin in these areas tend to have higher sensitivity and, hence, the probability increases to get irritated at times.