Cold and warm colors in the formation of a coherent composition

Currently, an important role in the formation of a coherent composition plays cold and warm colors.This separation explain the physical layer is quite difficult, because it is primarily dictated by the subconscious level.From childhood, everyone got used to the idea that the fire, the sun, the glowing coal and other sources of heat a red-yellow shades, and water and sky are associated with blue-blue and blue-green scales.It is fixed in the subconscious of people, dictating a certain color perception.Such a distinction is widely used to create a cosmetic effect.

If you plan to experiment with externally, in any case will have to choose cold or warm hair colors.But first you need to decide with their own type of appearance.With this will be able to choose the best shade and avoid the hassles associated with the new image.Evaluation is carried out depending on the natural conditions.It is necessary to move away from the traditional color scheme that ultimately did not work blunders.Initially, it is belie

ved that the warm color is perfect for people who have brown, green or hazel eyes.As for the cold shades, they are well combined with gray, blue and blue eyes.

accurately select the color scheme you can, if you define your style.There are four options: spring, fall, summer and winter.By the spring Description include women who have light eyes and hair, as well as having a golden or yellow color of the skin.They are allowed to choose almost any warm colors.The only condition is that to avoid light tan color, as in this case, the person will appear too pale.It is not recommended to paint the hair and the dark brown tones.Then the image will be deprived of tenderness, in addition, it will make a woman much older than visually.

Summer type requires a gray or blue eyes of the girl, and cool shade of the skin, which after the Sun becomes a peach.Under this option, it is advisable not to use warm colors, because they are able to add an extra red.It is best to opt for shades of ash.You can also try the brown tones.

Brown-haired and brunettes related to autumn type, may have light or dark eyes.Their skin has a bright and saturated color, so it is allowed to use the Red, Black and chocolate tones.Add glamor help dark brown or copper-red hair.So the girls are not recommended to become blondes.

Owners winter type in any case should not paint the hair in warm colors, as porcelain skin tone can only emphasize the bright cool shades.Eye color of these girls in the range from blue to black.The complexion can be either very light or dark.Great look for women with this type of appearance of blue-black hair.Also it is very suitable ash-brown color.