How much is the increase hair?

What girl does not dream of beautiful long hair?Probably not like this.But not all nature has a thick and silky hair.To correct this deficiency can help build.Hair - a relatively new technology, in which you can not only increase the length and volume.Let's say you decide.The most popular question that arises in this case: "How much is the increase hair?"

This procedure is unique.Firstly, because of its simplicity, and secondly, due to the fact that it is affordable anyway.Find out how much it cost to build hair may be the master.He will tell you the details of what constitutes price.As a rule, it consists of the cost of the hair and the cost of the work.The average price of its 15 to 70 rubles per strand.Price hair varies from 3 500 to 30 000 100 strands (this unit amount which is suitable for increasing hair length and average thickness).

Why is such a large variation in prices?This is due to the fact that the hair is used to build several kinds.

1. Asian (the cheapest, going in Asia).Asian hai

r is thick, straight, well to color.

2. South Russian (more Asian 20-30%).They met with the South-Siberian region of Russia, and even in South Asia, have a tight end and a straight structure.This is the best price and quality.

3. European (going to India).Typically, this dark, wavy, not too thick hair.

4. Slavic (collected in Russia and Ukraine).They have a fine structure characteristic of the local residents.Slavic hair - the most expensive and chic.

So you've finally decided to build, choose the type of raw material, for example, it would be Slavic and even learned about how much it costs to build up the hair at the chosen master.But there is another important issue.Where to buy the hair?Regardless of what kind you build - Asian or Slavic, they must buy only from reliable suppliers.Top stores in Russia, including St. Petersburg and Moscow - is Hair Shop and Belli Capelli.They have long been proven, and there really is possible to buy a good quality hair, when you buy them, you can always ask for a certificate of quality.

There are also a variety of lesser-known shops, retailers sometimes sell them right at home.Of course, in most cases, of any quality certificates can not be considered.It is clear that the origin of the hair is very vague.Very often, under the guise of, for example, Slavic raw materials, the seller can shove cheap Asian.To achieve in this case the refund is virtually impossible, and sometimes she did not immediately notice the trick, so listen to our advice and use the services of only the proven store!

Thus, having at least a small idea of ​​how much it costs to increase hair, where to buy them and what technology is best for this pick, you can safely go and build up a thick mop of luxury.Then you certainly will not leave anyone indifferent!I would like to say a few words about the hair extension technology.Their are several, but the main ones are very popular - an Italian technology (capsule capacity) Euro.So.Cap and tape capacity (strand ribbons attached with a special glue).Each type has its pros and cons, for example, a tape capacity can not be within a month to make a tail, and a capsule - you can almost until the end of socks hair that can last up to 3 months.The downside is that the capsules are subject to rapid tangling, education tangles.Choosing the right hair extension technology will always help master.