How much is a lamination of hair?

Our hair is constantly exposed to stress - daily blow-drying, use ploek and forceps, and even the color of poor diet leads to the fact that the curls loose Blackjack and power are beginning to break and split.What will help in the fight against these problems?The answer is simple - laminating hair!But what is implied by this procedure?How much is a lamination of hair?

What is it?

Through lamination, you can easily and quickly restore their hair.They will be beautiful, gentle and obedient.Many girls are concerned about how much it costs lamination hair.This is understandable, because if the first time you are going to make this unique procedure, you need to know about it as much as possible.Price everywhere different.For more details, we shall deal with this later.

What is the secret?It's all part of a special agent for lamination, which contains extracts of chamomile, yarrow, hops, wheat proteins and soybean that restore the damaged structure of hair and saturate it with nutrients.The composit

ion forms a special in its own way a protective film that prevents harmful factors damaging the locks.This hair and scalp breathe.The downside is that the laminate rather quickly washed away.

How much is lamination hair?Consider detail

laminating hair at different rates.This procedure can cost 500 rubles, if you do, say, a master at home, and 5000, when in the cabin.Also, the price depends on the length and thickness of your hair.As mentioned earlier, this procedure should be done continuously, every 6 weeks, that is, once few and you might not even immediately see the effect.This is due to the fact that the laminate tends to accumulate in the hair, that is, the more often you do this procedure, the more and the longer your hair keep the effect of beautiful glossy hair.Now think - laminating hair a year how much?If 12 months of about 53 weeks, and the average price for lamination - 1500 rubles?The answer is 13 250 rubles.Agree, for the year is not such a large sum, and it can be less if you do a procedure on their own.Fortunately, it is so simple that any one woman will not have a problem with it.For this purpose, such components:

1. Glubokoochischayuschy shampoo.

2. Nourishing Mask.

3. Laminating gel.

First Master thoroughly washed hair shampoo.After this mask is applied to the hair for 20 minutes.After she washed away, begin applying colorless (or color) laminating the gel for 25-30 minutes.For greater effect, the master can whet the composition on the hair dryer.After a sustained period, the composition is washed away.As you can see, nothing complicated!

If you're still wondering over, do or not do this procedure, then good for you to know another interesting fact about the lamination.Hair after treatment with healing laminate become very obedient.If earlier for creating hairstyles needed to spend a lot of time, but now locks themselves fall the way you want, and even styling products will no longer be needed.Hair will be fine to stay all day.

Many girls do this procedure, very happy with the result, and 80% are ready to repeat it in the future.Do not be afraid and you try it, knowing what it is, how it works, and how much is lamination hair.