How to tie a belt in style?

Now we talk about the belt.Originally absolutely utilitarian thing, over time, this accessory has become a stylish and unusual addition to addition, the ability to not only enhance the beauty of the image, but also to give it some flavor, piquancy.However, he is still a very functional piece of clothing.Ways, how to tie a belt, came up with the fashion set.Every year, this accessory has become unusual, interesting.Through the efforts of designers, he has evolved from a simple device that prevents the fall trousers or skirt, in a luxury, and cult status.And it should also wear a stylish and luxurious.

most common way how to tie belt - simply threading the buckle - certainly not losing popularity, the benefit of themselves buckles became a separate accessory in the arsenal of dandies and ladies.They can be easily replaced, leaving the canvas belt intact.This also should be used in the first place: by acquiring a good quality leather strap, please be a couple-three buckles to him.They can be with Swarovs

ki stones, only from natural materials: wood, leather, stone, glass - and can be made of metal and have an aggressive design rock star or bikers.And each of belt buckles will add a new "sound" in the same outfit.

Another way how to tie a belt: forget the buckle, thread painting in it, and then tie around and secure with a knot.This method has become the most popular in 2013 - can be found in the collections of almost any designer.If the length of the belt allows, use another way to fix the stylish strap: tie it around the waist twice.This option when wearing this accessory contrasting color underline clothing and originality of its owner.

cloth belt And if, as is often found on coats, jackets or dresses?How to tie a belt in such a case?Do not try to make it a neat knot, do not tighten too much fabric at the waist - it may be deformed.And especially do not try to engage his flirtatious bow.Fashion dictates negligence.Tighten the belt so simple coarse node, you can not even pull its tail to the end.Leave the loop as if you put it in a hurry.Then he will look appropriate and stylish.Remember: no emphatic accuracy, you're not in school!

Another clever way how to tie a belt: do not use it at all.That is, the use of this element as a garment something that was not originally served for this purpose.This may be a silk scarf or a knitted shawl, worn and tied over a dress or jeans.This image will return to the era of hippies, give sight bohemian and easy reference to the ethnics.Another option - the strip of lace and ribbons tied over skirts or dresses sun-style 50s.They will give the image of a romantic, especially if they fix a lush bow at the back.

And in general, how to tie a belt to choose yourself.In this regard, there is unfashionable ways.The main thing is that the belt was intact, quality and suited to a particular image, and more - it's up to your imagination.