Tray for bathing newborns: how to choose?

One of the first things that you will need for your child immediately after birth - a tub for bathing.For newborn stores represented a wide range of bathing accessories.Therefore, there a small problem: what exactly to choose from this variety?Of course, the child can be washed in a large tub, acquiring a range of bathing and special hill.However, many years of experience tells me that baby bathtubs for bathing infants need during the healing umbilical nodule, since at this time the child needs to bathe in boiling water.It is the recommendation of pediatricians, and therefore should not neglect them.

Which is bathing tub for a newborn, it's up to young parents.Let's look at each type of detail.

  1. Classical oval tub is the most popular and widespread.Such models are widely represented in any children's stores, and may differ only in size and color.The main advantages of such baths are affordable and acceptable cost.However, bathing her baby in one does not work, be sure to need someone a second to ho
    ld the baby.Rescue in such a situation will slide for swimming, which will allow the child to lie comfortably during water treatment.
  2. Tray for bathing a newborn can be directly anatomical, that is it has the design that was originally equipped with a slide or a special holding device like a hammock.It baby feels comfortable and cozy, even though he can not freely swim.However, the process of bathing becomes the most convenient and safe and can be performed by one of the parents.
  3. Inflatable swimming baths for infants, who are attracted by the photo and encouraged to instant buying, very convenient if you are driving a nomadic lifestyle and often move from place to place.Also, this thing is easy to take with you on holiday or to the grandmother to the country - it will take up little space in your luggage.The main disadvantage is that it is constantly necessary to inflate, and it is vulnerable to various kinds of damage.
  4. Recently went on sale antimicrobial tub for bathing.For the newborn, which has sensitive skin, it is a real salvation.The plastic from which the tub is made, during the manufacturing process poured special composition which is capable of destroying all of the microbes located at the surface.Such a device does not need to be disinfected, much reduces the time of preparation for bathing.The only negative, which scares most parents - is too high a price.

Try to buy a tray with drainer - this will allow you to easily drained or change it when bathing.However, note that the plug must be the least noticeable to the child.And pay attention to the legs - if they are rubberized, such a bath will be stable and secure as possible.