The child restraint device for the safety of our children

Every parent thinks about the safety of children in cars.Even if the rules of the road no one is immune from such troubles on the road, as the extinguished lights, potholes, irresponsible motorists.It is important to realize that we can minimize the trouble.

alternative car seat can become a child restraint.There his fans and those who do not like it.Let's see what this system is.This set of flexible elements or straps with buckles, fastening parts, control devices.By the way, in some cases, provided as a complement to the cradle or removable seats, the seat and / or a special screen (shockproof).In other words, the child restraint is intended to protect the event of sudden braking or a collision, to reduce the likelihood of injury to the child by limiting the mobility of the body.

advantages of such devices

1. It is worth noting the attractive price of the device: it is cheaper than the child seat.

2. Another plus - transportability.The child restraint device is able to fit even in a purse, wei

ghs too little.This is especially true when using a taxi, often do not know whether there is in it for the transport of the child seat.

3. From the point of view of psychology for children from two years old do not like to sit on a high car seat, propping up the back of the front seats down, they want to sit down like adults!A "displaced" even temporarily, the child proud.It disciplines the children, which plays an important role when traveling.

If you have a child in the car and there is a special chair for its transportation, it is necessary to purchase a child restraint.Unfortunately, often seen as the kids in the car ride, sitting in the hands of adults.It is very dangerous.We must remember that during heavy braking when the speed is 50 km / h, weight babies grow up to 30 times.

example, if baby weighs 10 kg, the impact of its weight is approximately 300 kg, at this moment it is impossible to protect him from injury on the seat, the windshield.Even an adult is able to crush their baby weight.All this is sad, and regular straps are not suitable for security, they are designed for passengers from 1.5 m tall.If you fasten the child to, the diagonal part of the belt lies in the region of the head or neck during braking this can lead to more injuries.We must adapt to the parameters of a regular seat your child.


child restraint "FEST" - noteworthy domestic development.This rugged, compact system that is easy to use.According to its characteristics, it is ahead of many of the retaining devices, even some car seats.This unit is designed to transport young passengers, the weight of which at least 9, a maximum of 36 kg.For children whose weight up to 18 kg, it should be used in a set with a special strap.

like many child restraints in the car, but there are those who believe that the safer purchase a special chair for the baby in the car.You choose.It is important not to forget that we are responsible for our children, and take all measures in advance for security!