In the brand "Givenchy" bag - the embodiment of elegance

International brand Givenchy - a vivid example of the current fashion trends.At home "Givenchy" bags are a real work of art.Special, unique style of the brand lies in the combination of elegance, restraint and noble beauty.

Our country is well-known brand "Givenchy".Bags produced by this fashion house, has long recognized worldwide standard of good taste and a great sense of style.Modern women can not be imagined without the much-needed enhancement.Shoes, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories - all products of the company "Givenchy".Bags brand offer unbeatable charm.Their refined design is a symbol of French elegance and refinement.Thousands of women around the world appreciate them for the excellent quality, sleek design, an original invoice.

In 1995, the post of creative director Riccardo Vice atonement.Since his arrival models of bags have become more expressive.But today, as fifty years ago, they are elegant and aristocratic.

Design Group fashion house uses in his work only high-quality an

d, as a rule, natural materials: a magnificent soft suede, exotic skin the best produce and luxurious textiles.Do not remain without attention and modern materials such as plastic.New models of successfully combine current trends with aristocratic materials and design.

example of this can serve as a cult model of "Givenchy" - Bag "Antigone".These models have changed repeatedly.Each new collection of designers offer a new version of the classic models.They are always in high demand.Classic bags "Givenchy" 2013 admire her femininity and elegance.Concise and very attractive design always attracts the eyes of others.

However, the company is not limited to the manufacture solely of classic, traditional models in its portfolio and has an unusual avant-garde designs.For the young and daring ladies brand offers a showy elongated rectangular handbag made of patent leather, unusual black bag decorated with prints depicting women's faces and soft "cozy" suede model.

In the arsenal of the brand is and expressive designs.For example, it is ambiguous model Rottweiler.Several awesome bag looks extravagant.Interestingly, the terrible dog muzzle quite frightened fashionistas.The model was sold from the shelves of boutiques almost instantly.

elegant bags "Givenchy" (original leather, suede or plastic) is incredibly functional.They go perfectly with casual wear and great for special occasions.

fashion professionals say that all the bags, "Givenchy" to be not just stylish.They are truly aristocratic.Today, models of this fashion house popular with the ladies of high society and celebrities.In these branded bags felt breed, "white bone".They are timeless.This bag should not be worn with just anything.She did not suffer.

As in everything that refers to the elite class, in bags, "Givenchy" there is a certain restraint.And this is natural, because real elegance is not paraded.Bag - an accessory that allows you to show your impeccable taste, so the model of "Givenchy", tend to choose independent women, confident in its irresistibility.