Congratulations on the day: the history of the festival

Congratulations on the name-day, sooner or later get almost all the baptized and believers.In the same way, sooner or later you have to go to a birthday party friend, colleague, boss or a friend.What to give and how to behave, he knows not everyone.Even the history of this holiday is known not to everyone.First and foremost, of course, important to consider the text of congratulations on the birthday party.This could be it, quite short, you have to say, handing over a gift.Keep in mind some of the details associated with this holiday.

First birthday party - a "name day".In another such feast day is also called Angel.Because every day is dedicated to a saint.Of course, such an event has religious overtones.In order to create the right mood person on this day, it is necessary to come up with a good greeting.Name day sometimes considered more important than the day of birth.So congratulations on the day Angela runs a little differently.

Today, you can find a lot of interesting cards designed specifica

lly for this event.You can find even greetings in verse.Interestingly, some species of congratulations names used for certain holy days.You can find specific, like to congratulate Olga, Vladimir, or the holder of another name.Every saint, as each name has its own character and specificity.

Name day have their own history, and it is long enough.First congratulations name day were held in the 17th century in the Russian Empire.This was according to certain rules.Normally this holiday preparing for even more than a birthday.The day before his family brewed beer and baked loaf.The birthday was the day an angel to go and confess to the church.The family put candles for him.Then they all went home together and celebrated.Congratulations while inventing themselves.Later, with the spread of printing, name-day greetings received clearance on the cards.

Another interesting holiday associated with the day an angel - a name-day.It was the day when the king celebrated the name day.If mere mortals baked cakes and brewed beer for yourself, the emperor was doing it for all the people.It was very noisy and joyful holiday when all over the country were lit fires and fireworks.Congratulations on the name day lasted until the arrival of the Bolsheviks.It is a religious holiday that is directly related to baptism.A new power religion and similar rites denied.

Of course, it was difficult to wean people from the old habits, and the Bolsheviks were trying to come up with an analogue of name day.They are called "Zvezdina" or "Oktyabrina."However, this practice has not become a tradition.Field of the Soviet Union collapsed, name returned.Today, name-day greetings were extended again and enjoyed great success.Someone might think that the day has received the name of St. Angela, who at that time was born.However, most often, the day povyaschaetsya ascetic who died.This is absolutely true, because when the saint was born, he was a simple man.In addition, it is likely to wear a completely different name.

devote himself to, he changed his name and his life.By the time of his death, he reached the peak of development and the purpose of his journey.Therefore, the day on which the saint made the transition, has a special aura.St. becomes the patron saint of a man who bears his name.A person can change the name in the passport.But, as it was called in baptism, always.In the old days people often wore in life is not the name by which he was baptized, and more.The true name of the newborn generally concealed so as not jinxed.Change now the name given in the rite, a person can only be at the dedication of a monk.Despite all the congratulations, birthday party in the first place remains a day of spiritual perfection.