If the baby tooth is cut ... Temperature - a reason to see a doctor

Every mother with his child seriously going through the process of visiting the baby milk teeth.Sleepless nights, a baby crying and whims, refusal of food - all these are signs that the child begins to develop the jaw and teeth erupt.This period is certainly difficult, but you just need to survive.However, mothers should be observed at this time the condition of the child.The slightest change in his health can not be ignored.The most alarming is considered to be an increase in temperature.Discuss?

Myths and misconceptions

When teething, the baby begins to itch Desenko.It makes him uncomfortable, he becomes restless.During this period, the child is very vulnerable.Anyone suddenly appeared symptom (cough, runny nose), fever, constant crying or refusal of food - an occasion consult a pediatrician.Many moms are sure that if the tooth is cut, the temperature will be in any case.Just want to say - it is a myth, and very common misconception.Do not agree?Now try to convince you, Arguments.

Why fever?

temperature - the body's natural response to harmful bacteria or viruses.It is a kind of signal that the struggle with the intruder.The oral cavity is an open gate for the passage of infection, especially when the tooth is cut.Temperature appears that if pathogenic bacteria entered the body and the infection occurred.The higher it is, the more need to show the child's pediatrician.

What causes contact with the oral cavity infections?

should be noted immediately that the baby cut a tooth, the temperature may rise slightly.Still, this process is quite painful and stressful for the crumbs.The gums are itching, the child tries to scratch them all that comes their way.Even the two little hands are at times in his little mouth.Toys or neostrizhennye nogtiki baby can leave the wound in the mucosa.This, in turn, will lead to it getting an infection.

Stomatitis sleeps

most common childhood disease in the period of teething, doctors called stomatitis.It is manifested in the appearance of mouth ulcers white or red.The foci of inflammation cause severe pain.A child patient stomatitis, can not eat, to babble, he was constantly crying and becomes very restless.Often, stomatitis, especially when teething, fever occurs in children.There are cases when it is accompanied by convulsions.It is important to start as soon as possible treatment.

pediatrician reassured

The child keeps the temperature a few days ... you call the pediatrician, he examined his patient, and nothing terrible has revealed guessed it - a reaction to teething.Maybe.Every body reacts differently to physiological processes.But here's the thing: a child's temperature falls.How many days the teeth are cut?Believe me, not for several days.And all this time you will think that an increase in temperature of the body is connected with the development and formation of the jaw?No, this is unwise.Once again I want to say, if the tooth is cut, the temperature should not be high.Keep an eye on the state of Chad and in the case of the slightest suspicion of disease is caused by a doctor.

How to help your child

hurts to see a child suffering and hard to hear him cry, when the tooth is cut.Temperatures above 38 degrees - hot start its shoot down, and you should consult your pediatrician.You, as a mom, are obliged to help their child.Today, there are a lot of medicines, soothing itching teething in young kids.Gels and creams are safe.They cool the inflamed gums and help to relieve some time your baby from the pain and discomfort.Of course, abuse such drugs is not necessary.To accelerate the process of teething help special rubber toys filled with water nipples.Before using them well washed, cooled and give the child.A lot of help.