Why maternity leave needs

Undoubtedly, pregnancy - one of the happiest periods in his life: that's after quite a short time will be the one whom you do not know, but it is inside of you and is a part of you.This is related to almost all the feelings and emotions of someone want to quickly get acquainted with the baby, and someone a little afraid steadily approaching childbirth.But the pregnancy - is not just a storm of emotions and joy of waiting, but also a substantial burden on the body.Often during this period there are complications of varying severity, especially the first and the last trimester.If at the beginning complications are mainly functional character, the last period of a few dangerous.That is why the provided maternity leave.

standard period of maternity leave - 70 days before childbirth and 70 days after them, but there may be variations, such as multiple pregnancy, when the holiday is increased to 194 days, and in case of complications in childbirth - up to 156. The maternity leavecan be carried out from 30 w

eeks if you are waiting for a baby and a 28 - If two or more.Additionally, if necessary or desired, before or after childbirth can take a regular annual leave or leave without counters employer may not refuse to its granting.

maternity leave need to really crucial stage of pregnancy a woman could devote himself entirely to the future baby.We know that at this time it is necessary to observe the special regime of the day and nutrition: in fact at work is quite difficult to eat properly and in time, moreover, there is no escape the stress and anxiety, and it is quite unnecessary.Also, a pregnant woman, even in the absence of pathology should as much as possible to spend more time outdoors, and given the fact that almost none of the pregnancy is not without anemia, it is doubly important, because the child must be getting enough oxygen or there might be malformations.

Another argument in favor of timely maternity leave, especially during the first pregnancy, is that you need to prepare for childbirth, for which there are special courses and sports groups.This allows you to learn how to behave during labor, and to be in great shape - it is very important for their normal flow.Of course, every day while at work, to find the time for that difficult.

In addition, work is often associated with carrying large amounts of time on their feet, and it is late in pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated and even dangerous.In addition to the higher risk of various diseases, such as varicose veins of the legs, there is also a considerable risk of miscarriage.If you feel this kind of work - in this case, not only the best time to go to a maternity leave, but also to take advantage of the advanced features listed above and free from work for the shortest time possible.

Some ladies are proud of the fact that they are engaged in the business and that the maternity leave and were not, and from the hospital immediately went to work.This is a very irresponsible attitude not only towards themselves but also towards the child, and not a reason for pride.Such women are at serious risk of their health, the health and life of the kid - he could be born prematurely, and then he also left without a mother in one of the most complex and demanding life periods.So do not be in any case - just maternity leave is needed.The most important thing at this time - give your child the best of everything and help him easy to be born healthy and calm.

To give you maternity leave, you must provide a job reference from the antenatal clinic about pregnancy and write a statement.As a rule, it is provided without any problems, if you have worked at this place more than six months, and is paid exactly the same as if you worked, but excluding premiums.