Maternity leave - the right of every woman.

In our country the right to receive maternity leave, has every woman - is regulated and guaranteed by the 255th article of the Labor Code.

Under the Labor Code, which operates today in the RF receive maternity, working women before childbirth - 70 calendar days.In the case of multiple pregnancy, this period is increased to 84 days.After delivery, women are also granted leave for 70 calendar days.This period may be extended in case of complications in childbirth - up to 86 days, as well as the birth of more than one child - up to 110 days.During vacation women receive social insurance benefit, the amount of which must correspond to the average wage.It is worth noting that women who during pregnancy and childbirth do not have a job, do not get benefits.

To calculate the benefit payable to a woman on maternity leave is taken as a basis the average annual earnings for the 12 months preceding the leave.Payment is made by the employer, funds to pay for public listed company - the Social Insurance Fund.Th

e allowance is regulated by law.In 2011 he was appointed as the minimum amount of benefits intended for the payment to mothers caring for the child.This minimum is appointed by the mother to care for the first child, equivalent to 2194.34 rubles per month.Women caring for the second child and subsequent children should receive no less than 4388.67 per month.In addition to the minimum limit of the amount of benefit, there is a limit of the maximum - 1136.99 rubles per day.The maximum amount of the benefit to the mother who gave birth to the first child should not exceed 40% of the average wage, which is calculated with the release of his mother to work after maternity leave is over.In the case where a child is born the second to reach the first one and a half years of age, the mother is given the right not to stop receiving this benefit in return for benefits intended to pay for maternity leave (a woman can choose the manual in its sole discretion).

should be remembered that in 2011, there are new, somewhat changed the rules for calculating benefits.For example, January 1, 2011 was valid document N 343-FZ, which amends the existing procedure for calculating the benefits awarded maternity leave and child care.

So, from the beginning of 2011 benefits for pregnant and postpartum women are subject to the calculation, which is based on average earnings for the two calendar years preceding the pregnancy.

calculation of average earnings is produced by summing payments to which the deduction of insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund, with subsequent division of the number of days, which is strictly fixed.This amount, regardless of the number of days that were actually worked, equal to 730-ti.

Legislation to consider

Before you get maternity leave or immediately after it, and after the leave to care for a child, a woman has the right to annual leave, which is to be paid in accordance withlegislation.

Vacation exclude the possibility of dismissal of pregnant women by the employer during the period of leave.An exception can only be the case of liquidation.

When maternity leave ends, the woman is given the right to obtain leave to care for a child until the latter reaches the age of three years.

Employers must show consideration for pregnant workers and do not forget that their rights are protected by law.