What to choose: leave to care for a child or a career?

Preparing for motherhood for a woman is always paired with a variety of issues of concern, to which she and her husband want to find the right answer.Professional career women - one of those problems.Today, most women have a professional employment for full-time and often have to work weekends and holidays.The number one problem gets leave to care for a child.

situation is complicated by the fact that not all employers are willing to provide the expectant mother care leave.The best that they agree - to provide maternity leave.

What to choose the woman leave to care for a child or a career?

It is appropriate to advise the woman to ask yourself one question: "Who needs my child?" The answer is obvious.Woman gives birth to children only for themselves.Other, as a rule, not a lot of time and justified (for example, the desire to keep her lover).

to make the right choices for the coming three years, it is necessary to weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of leave to care for a child.

small digression into

psychology, I think, will help many future mums.It's about the most difficult period in the life of the child - newborn and infancy.In the first year of life lays the foundation of a child's character.How psychologically comfortable will feel your baby will affect the formation of the mental health of individuals.

for babies emotional contact with the mother is the main activity.After establishing contact with the mother of the child knows the world: can it be trusted?Only a mother can give the child confidence in the development of space, to communicate with other people.

Besides emotional intimacy, mother in the first three years of life, creates the necessary behavior patterns, forms of self-service skills, health monitors.The mother spends more time with the baby, the healthier a child.This is confirmed by numerous examples from daily life.

Let us remember our grandparents, who long to breastfeed.The use is not only in breast milk, but also in a relationship with her mother.Today's children often are bottle-fed and educated nurses.Because for my mother - work is more important.My mother wants the child had a lot of toys, beautiful clothes, and baby - to be with his mother.

I do not just have to see how children from disadvantaged families tend to go home to my mother.Houses dirt, lice, a series of drunken boyfriends, and the child breaks a mom.Mom - the main value for the child.It is we, the adults, gradually learn to appreciate a very different - things and money.

small child waiting for his mother to work.And my mother, tortured clients, documents, was detained until late at night, crossing the threshold of the house, not in a position to have to be gentle, play, read, bathe crumbs.

In recent years, child psychologists are increasingly mentioned "maternal affection disorder" as the cause of increased anxiety in children, neuroses, insecurity.

So, on one side of the scale - the application for leave to care for a child, on the other - a career.

child will be with you for life.And your employer for whom you hold as may, for example, go out of business in six months.Life is long, anything can happen.

Sometimes it just seems like the forthcoming catastrophe in his career.In fact, nothing bad can not happen.Works around a lot and a good specialist will always be in demand.

once heard the words of a mother who lost her son, a drug addict, I remember them all, "I have worked all my life, make a career, and it was necessary to keep his son with him, as the medal around his neck."

wise woman prudent to dispose of the opportunity to be with the child during the first years of life.It will make the right choice before you refuse leave to care for a child.